Shopping Medical Equipment Online – is It an actual possibility?

On our previous articles we have gone through the wonderful opportunities and advantages of shopping online. The world is changing, whether we like it or not. But are we ready to the transfer from offline to online in more traditional industries and markets like medical equipment? And if yes, then what are the requirements one […]

7 Tips to Perfrom Flexible Endoscope Leakage Testing

Fluid and debris invasion to the endoscope are a cause of a devastating damage to the endoscope, which is usually behind repair. The sooner you know about a possibility of fluid invasion to the endoscope, the smaller the damage will be. Hence Leak testing is a critical element in the prevention of the scope damage. […]

How To Prevent Fluid Inavsion Damage To Your Flexible Endoscope – The Importance of Leakage Testing

One of the most common damages to the flexible endoscope is due to fluid & debris invasion. Usually it is due to a cut or a hole in the insertion tube, mainly on the tip, or due to a crack in the endoscope body( next to the handle and the ocular) . Soon after the […]

6 Tips to Buy an Endoscopy Video Camera

An endoscopy camera is an essential tool while performing rigid or flexible endoscopy. We have gathered 6 tips to buy an endoscopy camera which will provide you the best image. 1. Digital Camera Outputs– Always prefer a digital camera with HDMI, DVI or 3.0 USB outputs – all have significant advantages regarding quality of image, […]

How to solve the 5 most common endoscopy camera problems – by yourself

Here are the 5 most common & frustrating problems doctors experience when using an endoscopy camera, and the simple solutions to solve those annoying and work disturbing problems. By knowing those tips you can save time , money and a lot of frustrations. 1) No Image on screen – please check that the screen is […]

Why Shop Online?

Shopping online has more than a few advantages. This is why more and more people prefer shopping online over offline, and more markets are moving towards online sales as their major way of marketing. The offline retail world of shopping malls, door to door sales, and sales made by agents, is becoming less and less […]

5 Tips to Buy Flexible Endoscope

5 Tips to Buy a Great Long Lasting Flexible Endoscope Buy a portable flexible endoscope with a detachable light cable Buying a flexible laryngoscope with an integral light guide cable limits you to use only a standalone light source, and hence confine you to make only in clinic procedures and within a limited distance from […]

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