Mobiles CBCT xCAT IQ - Xoran

Imagine you could have a truly mobile head CT in your ICU that could be quickly and easily rolled up to your patient’s bedside for a fast scan, giving you real time updates on your patient’s condition…

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Ful 360° rotations

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Mobiles CBCT xCAT IQ - Xoran

Xoran xCAT is an ultra-compact, portable CT scanner that provides real-time CT scans of the brain, sinuses, ears, and skull-base.

Clinicians acquire high resolution, 3-dimensional images with slice thickness as low as 0.1 mm. The lightweight, mobile design rolls into position directly behind the patient’s head in seconds.

  • Visualize your target intraoperatively with submillimeter resolution (0.1 mm) and geometrical accuracy superior to multi-slice CT
  • Shorten procedure time—xCAT scans take less than one minute
  • Evaluate and adjust cochlear implant placement in real time in the OR
  • Confirm drill trajectory with precision, visualizing critical structures to avoid them
  • Supports minimally invasive and robotic procedures
Gewicht 200 kg


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Truly Mobile.

Fast, portable and easy to use

The xCAT is specifically designed to fit seamlessly into the operating room and intensive care unit:

  • Portable and compact device - easy to move between different operating rooms.
  • Easy and convenient to use - does not require complex and long installation progress: 30 min startup time.
  • Compact device can be used in any size operation rooms. After the operation the xCAT can be stored in the corner or a storage room.
  • Device can be used during robotic surgeries for immediate scans.

Designed for surgeons.

A unique and compact mechanism that allows the device to be moved around seamlessly and rolled up comfortably close to the patient without complex preparations. Dedicated for ENT application that allows you to receive high-quality imaging with extremely low radiation exposure.

Built for critical care

For successful surgical interventions, image-quality matters and a full-body CT won’t fit in your Operation Room. For those moments when having a clear picture would make a difference—xCAT is designed to meet the specific needs of surgical specialists who require high-definition images when time is of the essence.

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