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  • Faster performance with Eco Dry technology
  • Remote monitoring with Lina Mobile App
  • Integrated traceability features for reduced paperwork and cost savings
  • Modern design for improved ergonomics and easy maintenance

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B Autoclave Lina 17 or 22 litres

The Lina autoclave is an advanced steam sterilizer designed for porous dental instruments and products. It offers efficient class B cycles with customizable sterilization programs and upgradeability options. With a user-friendly touch screen interface and mobile application for remote control and monitoring, it is easy to operate. The autoclave also features an integrated USB connection for automatic cycle report saving, improving traceability.

In addition to its high performance and quiet operation, the Lina autoclave boasts a compact and ergonomic design with a top lid for easy access to the water tanks. The W&H sterilizers come with Eco packaging, which is environmentally conscious, reusable, and recyclable. The equipment is also built to be robust for enhanced stability.

Features of Lina 17 L Steriliser:
Type B Steam steriliser for dental instruments.
Maximum safety by reducing the risk of infection.
Better performance.
It is silent.
Improved traceability by offering the possibility to link the cycle, the bag and the user. The cycle report printer ensures that the cycle is properly documented.
It has automatic water charging and USB connections that allow digital recording of the cycles.
It features a navigation of sterilisation options
Its functions are upgradeable and can be customised as required.
Shorter cycle times thanks to its Eco B mode (less than 30 minutes).
Easy to use by providing simple work processes.
New reusable and recyclable packaging.
Ergonomic, compact and functional design with modular legs.
It has a 3.5-inch touch screen with a simple interface.

Gewicht 42 kg
Afmetingen 47 × 45 × 64 cm

17L, 22L



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