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  • Portable and lightweight design for easy mobility
  • Up to 300 exposures on a single charge
  • 70kv / 3ma = one of the most powerful on the market

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The Owandy RX Portable is a handheld X-ray device that meets this need. With its compact and lightweight design, it allows for easy mobility, making it perfect for dental professionals who operate in remote areas or need to perform X-rays in different locations.

The Owandy RX Portable features a high-frequency generator and a high-efficiency battery that can provide up to 300 exposures on a single charge. This makes it a reliable and convenient option for dental professionals who need to perform multiple X-rays in one session. Dental professionals can easily adjust the settings and capture X-rays with just a few clicks.

Despite its small size, the Owandy RX Portable provides accurate and high-quality images. This makes it an important tool for diagnosis and treatment planning. With the Owandy RX Portable, dental professionals can provide their patients with a high level of care regardless of their location.

Overall, the Owandy RX Portable is a valuable device for dental professionals who require a portable and reliable X-ray device. Its ease of use, high-quality images, and mobility make it an important tool for any dental practice.

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