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Save 25% OFF the flexible endoscope price. Instead of purchasing the flexible endoscope (3.4mm -2.8mm) – Ergonomic Handle, separately , buy all that you need to perform in clinic flexible endoscopy procedures – in one package and in a great price! Also you can add a rigid scope per your choice in 50% off!

The package includes:
1. Flexible 3.4mm Adult Nasopharyngsoscope (you can upgrade to 2.8/3.2 mm flexible Nasopharyngoscope) with Ergonomic Handle
2. 120W LED light source
3. Portable 10W LED light source
4. Clearview Leakage Tester
5. Fiber optic cable
6.Optional- Rigid endoscope per your choice (Sinuscope, Otoendoscope, Laryngoscope)
in 50% discount!

4,250.006,250.00 Excluding VAT
From: 5,864.00 4,864.00 Excluding VAT

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