Acoustic Booth for ENT – Incotron Eymasa

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Easy to assemble Acoustic Booth with wooden panels, double glass window, exterior table and LED lighting. Sound proof- 44 dB. Free Ventilation by Labyrinth. Fully soundproofed -walls , door and floor. Anti vibration floor. Designed and manufactured according to all relevant ISO and CE certificate.


Technical specifications:

Compatible with different types of audiometers

External Dimensions 110x110x221/225 cm

Double walls 90 mm of thickness each one Robust wooden structure to minimize any possible vibration

External Finishing: wood Soundproofing material inside the panels

Double glass window.

Soundproofing at 8 kHz: 44 dB approximately

Soundproofed door 1 locking point for Door

Floor: Silent Blocks and anti-vibration material Interior.

Lighting: 50 W LED

Ventilation: Free, by Labyrinth

Type of connection: Jack stereo, Ø 6,35 mm, and USB

Approximate weight: 370 kg

Designed and fabricated in accordance with: EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2012, EN ISO 14001.2015, ISO 717, 93/42/CEE IEC 601.1, ANSI S3.1, ISO 8253-1 and ISO 11957

Weight 370 kg
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 225 cm

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