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Protect yourself and avoid cross-infections and coronavirus infections. With our Extraoral Dental Aerosol Suction you are more than 99.97% protected against viruses in the aerosol. 4 filters + UVC  lamp and Plasma ensure your safety and that of your patients. For clinics with heavy load of work. Plug & play. Easy to maintain – replacement of filters is very intuitive and easy. Operated by remote control.


The Aerosol Suction Device Compact RD80 by Ruiwan provides you with more than 99.97% protection against viruses.

The system first passes the aspirated aerosol through 4 filters, including a HEPA and an active carbon filter (4 filters), a UVC lamp and plasma, then all aspirated bacteria and viruses are rendered harmless and blow out the clean filtered air, ensuring your safety and that of your patients.

It’s an easy to operate (plug and play) machine. Operated by remote control. For a heavy load of work.

Technical Specifications: 

– Voltage:110 60 Hz / 220 60 Hz

– Air Flow Rate: 340 m³/h

– Filtration effect: 0.3µm 99.97%

– Size: 40×25.5×59.5 Cm

– Weight: 24Kg

– The diameter of flange:75mm

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The Aerosol Suction Device Compact RD80 by Ruiwan protects you and avoids cross-infections such as coronavirus.

The machine uses a high negative pressure produced by a brushless motor which quickly filters harmful substances during treatment.


Weight 24 kg


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