Air Polisher Prophylaxis Powder set of 4 – Woodpecker

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Polisher powders for Woodpecker Prohylaxis systems PT-A and PT-B

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65um sodium bicarbonate supragingival powder

Used for rapid removal of stubborn pigment, soft dirt and biofilm on the adult gingival

  • 300 g/bottle
  • 2.5 Mohs’ hardness. Provides efficient and rapid removal of stubborn pigment, soft dirt and biofilm on adult gingival



65pm glycine supragingival powder

Used for removal of biofilm and soft dirt on the adult gingival. Suitable for patients choosing painless tooth scaling, return visit patients, sensitive patients and orthodontic patients.

  • 200g/bottle
  • Pleasant taste and gentle treatment



25um glycine subgingival powder

25 m glycine is gentle and non-invasive to the soft tissue in the periodontal pocket, and to the gingival, upper jaw as well as dental tissue surface, can be used for maintenance of pediatric teeth, women’s teeth, orthodontics, restorations, periodontal and implants.

  • 120 g/bottle
  • Slightly sweet, comfortable taste. Most favored by children
  • With hardness less than dentin. Can be safely used in subgingival scaling, periodontal and implant cleaning and maintenance

Fast, Gentle, Gentle Mini


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