Air Pro Compressor up to 3 units – Simple & Smart

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  • With Dryer
  • Oil Free
  • Druable & reliable
  • 2 year warranty
  • For up to 3 Dental Units

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Air Pro Compressors with dryer and soundproof

Floating piston compressors, dried and silenced. You can choose the one that fits to your needs. This is a basic line, economic but at the same time highly reliable: the ideal solution for a small study or laboratory. Availability of different fairings and soundproofing.

The entire range is completely dry and oil-free and guarantees clean air, high performance and low maintenance. Attention to detail, the special treatment of the cylinders and valve plates, and the internal lining of the tanks are the hallmark of quality that characterizes the entire range of S&S compressors.

The AIR PRO One compressor is a basic solution as it is suitable for connection to a single dental unit. Despite its small size, it guarantees high performance, high reliability and durability.

The AIR PRO line also includes more powerful compressors for 2 or 3 dental units. Oil-free, it guarantees high quality and purity dry compressed air All tanks are internally lined to prevent rust formation that can damage dental units and handpieces.

All the AIR PRO compressors can be equipped with dryer and soundproof, based on customers’ requests. Our experts will be able to advise you in the best possible way during the planning phase of your clinic or in case you need to change your compressors, evaluating the existing conditions and and according to your needs, allow you to make the right choice

AIR PRO ONE: For 1 Dental Chair
AIR PRO TWO: For Up to 2 Dental Chairs
AIR PRO THREE: For Up to 3 dental Chairs



Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 40 × 52 × 65 cm

Air Pro One, Air Pro Two, Air Pro Three




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