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The YSX Dental LED Microscope has 3-Step magnification, is lightweight, has a 45° binocular head, 10W LED Illumination and 2 objective lenses. Includes a beam splitter for a camera and a video adaptor.

Excellent value for money LED microscope, suitable for most endodontic applications. Compact and Ergonomic. This model suits best for small clinics and small spaces. It has a field diameter of 13mm to 66mm, which is sufficient for most dental applications.

Please note that this is a basic and budget microscope decision. If you are looking to make the microscope the central piece in your clinic, we recommend you to look for the AM-2000 and the AM-5000.

Shipped in two compact boxes. Easy to assemble.


Technical Specifications:

  • 45° binocular head
  • Adjustable LED Illumination – 10W, 50,000 working hours, 40,000 Lux
  • 3 Step Magnification: 2.4X-12X
  • 4 Different working distance objective f=200mm & f=250mm
  • Beam Splitter 2:8 or 5:5
  • Video Adaptor for C-mount 1/3 inch CCD camera
Weight 63 kg

Floor Stand, Table Mount, Wall Mount, Unit Mount

Beam Splitter

2:8, 5:5

YSX LED series Surgical Microscopes Leaflet

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