Dabi Atlante – Versa Hasteflex Dental Unit

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Column Lift – exclusive lifting system, in which a side column makes the whole process of lifting and lowering the chair, reducing engine effort and ensuring a unique stability

Serial massage system

Trendelenburg Position

Foldable leg support at knee height

Central articulation Confort Point system that provides more comfort to the patient

Anatomical and enveloping upholstery, with lumbar support and adjustable movements

Available in the options viscoelastic PVC, leather* and ultra leather*

Smart electric circuit, with positions for the beginning and end of work

Small size base that allows the professional to approach the operative field

It has 6 adjustable support points

Lifting capacity up to 200 kg

Control panel with blower chip function, multifunctional driving chair, auxiliary unit, equipment, and reflector

Unique central articulation between seat and backrest

Automatic and synchronized lifting and tilting movements

Four work positions that can be customized

“Back to zero” option to return to the initial position directly

Multi-articulated headrest with pneumatic lock

Automatic switch-off of the reflector by pressing the “back to zero” key

Allows care to children, the elderly, and patients with mobility difficulties

A system that prevents accidental decoupling of cables or risk of bad contact

Protection of the electrical system against voltage and current oscillations

Internal duct system for the passage of hoses ensures greater biosafety

Multimedia Kit*



With up to 6 terminals


Arm with pneumatic lock.

01 Triple syringe.

01 terminal for micromotor.

01 terminal for electric micromotor with the electric micromotor.

01 terminal for high rotation.


01 borden terminal kit with spray*

01 fiber optic terminal kit*

01 curing light kit*

01 ultrasound kit*

01 jet of bicarbonate kit*

LED Negatoscope.

PAD panel with all the controls of the chair, functions of the Team, Water Unit and Reflector.

Articulating Arm

Attached to the chair, with horizontal movements, articulating arm with horizontal and vertical movements, with pneumatic locking device for the vertical movements, actuated by a button located on the body of the equipment.


Smooth, rounded, light and flexible, without grooves or stretch marks.

Tip support

With individual pneumatic drive.

Accompanies 2 Trays

Team with a large area to accommodate the clinical instruments that facilitate the organization of the working instruments in the day to day clinical


Made of high-impact polyethylene.


Bilateral with pneumatic drive.

PAD control

PAD control panel with activation of chair functions:

Up and down the seat of the chair.

Up and down the back of the chair.

Emergency stop of the chair.

Position back to zero.

Negatoscope with light generated by semiconductor devices (LED).

Water from the programmable vat and scope holder.

Spit position and return to the last position.

Work programming.

Reflector ignition.

Has a flush system for internal disinfection of hoses.



With proximity sensor in the spitter

Suckers hoses with quick hitch

Scop holder with timed filling

Ceramic basin, detached from the unit body

Programmable water timer with an electric drive switch

It has a debris separator drain

Easy access to debris filters avoiding clogging of the suckers and the sewage box

Constant suction, good drainage and does not generate backflow or return of odors

Assistant arm: Better access to the instruments, making it possible to work with two or four hands. It counts with:

Electronic PAD command

Venturi Sucker Terminal

Vac Plus Sucker Terminal

Vacuum pump suction terminal*

Triple injected syringe*



Lighting Technology – LED

Less energy consumption, it consumes up to 95% less electrical energy than conventional models.

Does not use light bulbs.

Longer life of the light source (LED), up to 50,000 hours.

Proximity sensor

The reflector is activated by the proximity sensor located at the bottom of the head, avoiding the risk of cross-contamination.

The selection of the light intensity is also made through the proximity sensor.

The reflector has an internal digital electronic system, easy and quick to program.

Cold light source

It does not generate heat in the operative field.

Rectangular light focus

When properly positioned for mouth lighting, it does not generate discomfort in the eye region of the patient.

Increasing the size of the mouth cavity illumination focus, providing a larger illumination area in the working field.


Totally innovative with rounded lines, it provides a modern and harmonious look and facilitates handling.


In resistent material

New design that presents a more robust body and easy to clean.


Bilateral loop-shaped – allows isolation avoiding the risk of cross-contamination.

Removable and autoclavable.

Allows the choice of position according to the professional’s needs.

Front Protector

Removable, made of resistant and transparent material, protects the optical system against aerosol.

The dental set can be configured with one of the versions below:

1st version:

Sirius Sensor 5 LEDs

Optical system with 5 LEDs.

Three Intensities: 15,000, 25,000 and 35,000 LUX (with variation of +-10%).

2nd version:

Sirius Sensor 3×2 LEDs

Exclusive Orange Technology.

Optical system with 5 LEDs: 3 white LEDs + 2 orange LEDs.

Four light intensities – white light: 15,000, 25,000 and 35,000 – LUX (with variation of +-10%) and orange light: 5,000 LUX.

Allows the use of Orange light (orange) during clinical procedures with photoactivated materials, increasing their handling time by inhibiting early polymerization of composite resins and other photoactivated materials.

Note: Equipment not set up for left-handed



Dental Chair: New Versa  – Anvisa: 10069210062

Water Unit: Syncrus G3  – Anvisa: 10069210063

Delivery Unit: Syncrus G8 HE  – Anvisa: 10069210075

Dental Light: Sirius G8 Sensor 5 Leds; Sirius G8 Sensor 5 (3X2) Leds – Anvisa: 10069210069


Link to the manufacturer website: https://www.dabiatlante.com.br/site/en-us/produtos_show.php?id=177&fbclid=IwAR1AOTyo1Tl-IStCCKOom6GF2_NnUHV7h3lM8_RQsrBlYn_undU8F_tDxk0#prettyPhoto


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Product Classification:

According to NBR IEC 60601-1


127/220 V~ Selectable


50/60 Hz

Protection type against electric shock

Class I Equipment

Degree of protection against electric shock

Type B applied part

Operation mode

Continuous, intermittent load – 1 min. work and 4 min. rest

Protection against harmful penetration of water

IP00 – All examination chair except foot switch IP01 – Foot switch

Input power


Protection Fuses

F1 and F2 127V – T10A/250V

F1 and F2 220V – T5A/250V

Lifting capacity

Distributed load of 200 Kg (patient mass + accessories and equipment)

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