DB686 NANO Curing light – COXO

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  • Metal frame
  • Built-in high sensitive LED metering system
  • Head can rotate 360°
  • Fully charged battery good for 200 uses

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  • Metal frame
  • Small and exquisite, only 13.5mm outside diameter;
  • Indicator light and control key, two in one;
  • Head can rotate 360°;
  • 4 wick, wide spectrum: 380-520mm, suitable for most of UV curing resins;
  • Independent caries detection LED light core, leaving no place for caries to hide;
  • Built-in high sensitive LED metering system;
  • 10mm wide curing range;
  • 8mm curing depth;
  • Two batteries as standard, a fully charged battery can be used 200 times(10s curing mode);

Technical Specifications:

Adapter: AC100~240V,DC5V/1.5A,50/60Hz

Curing mode:
Wavelength: 380~520nm;
Curing time: 10s, 20s;
Curing depth: 8mm;
Curing range: 10mm;
Light power:≥1100mw/cm²

Detection mode:
Wavelength: 380~420nm
Light intensity: 40~280mw/cm

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