Dental surgical microscope Angel-200 – Alltion

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  • German optics
  • 1:6.5 Zoom Ratio
  • 100.000 LUX LED
  • 1.7x – 19.8x Magnification
  • Built-in HD Video Camera
  • Flexible Optics Rotating Assembly (FORA)
  • 198mm-455mm VOL (Variable Objective Lens)

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A new revolutionary microscope from ALLTION. Multi-functional handles, maximum aesthetics, improved optics with magnification up to 19.9x – these are just the tip of the iceberg of innovations introduced by this model. It serves as the base version of the ALLTION ANGEL 200.


  • Motorized smooth zoom with a ratio of 1:6.5
  • Total magnification 1.7x→19.8x, apochromatic optics
  • Anti-glare mode (polarizing filter )
  • Dual iris (depth of field system) controlled by built-in switch


  • LED lighting from CREE
  • Long life (>50,000 hours), low power consumption, stable at higher brightness than halogen or xenon lamps. Brightness: >100,000 lux
  • 3 light spot sizes: large, medium and small
  • Orange and green filters


  • Multifunctional handles
  • 10-button knobs for photo/video, freeze, optical zoom, focus, brightness, magnetic lock, plus programmable buttons
  • Electromagnetic locking: 4-electromagnetic locks
  • Balancing lever: balance adjustment for different weights of accessories ensures maximum comfortable work
  • Built-in adjustable monitor arm
  • All wiring is built into the microscope body. Maximum aesthetics, no kinking of the wiring when moving the microscope head

Weight 180 kg
Mount type

Floor Stand, Fixed Floor Stand, Ceiling Mount, Wall Mount


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