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A dental unit that offers you complete flexibility in the execution of demanding dental treatments.

The surface parts of the Ritter CLC are made of pure metal and polyester with a high quality gelcoat coating. The use of normal plastic parts has been completely eliminated. Clear advantages lie in the extraordinary stability and the long-term constant appearance, free of any yellowing. The parts are handmade for the highest quality. Contact Lite Comfort has optimal dimensions in all versions, whether as HC, H, S or Cart – even for small practice rooms. With its small radius of action, the slim dental unit adapts to any room

A total of 3 optional connection points (standard / alternative / chair) offer additional flexibility so that the unit can fit in any treatment room! Approximately operating range: 2m x 3m.

Patient Chair

Paralellogram design. The best ergonomically speaking.

  • Simultaneous movement (Trendelenburg) for separate control of the backrest and sea
  • Safe and comfortable positioning, even in extreme treatment situations
  • Seamless surfaces and upholstery for easy disinfections
  • Flexible control via foot pedal and function displays
  • Chair height 46-82 cm
  • Optional: Right armrest movable
  • Quick and easy positioning with the left hand
  • Convenient positioning of the patient‘s head
  • Movable, double-articulated headrest

Dentist Control Panel

Intuitive and user friendly control display. Control of chair and instruments.

  • valid for all display: S / H / HC / C
  • Graphical display shows the instrument status
  • All parameters are freely programmable
  • Chair positions programmable
  • Advance settings for up to 4 different users
  • Prophylaxis function
  • Timer
  • Memory function

 Foot pedal control.

  • Backrest movement up/down. Instrument chip blower.
  • Rinsing position
  • Patient chair up and down / exit position
  • Adjustment with water and spray
  • Speed mode / adjustment
  • Endo Mode for scaler
  • Perfect weight balance when moving with the toes
  • Material: Metal with plastic grip

Includes Water bottle system


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  • Innovative instrument control with graphic display, numerous user settings and memory functions for perfect handling
  • Simple, intuitive programming of chair positions, presets such as speed preselection and max. speeds of motors, turbines and ZEG
  • Creation of up to 4 different user levels e.g. for 4 different practitioners/doctors
  • Sophisticated 4-pedal foot control with control of all main functions for quick and easy operation
  • Hygienic and very easy to clean, smooth surfaces save time and effort
  • Plenty of knee and leg room for the dentist and the assistant enable an ergonomic and fatigue-free working method

Professional elegance.

All Ritter treatment units of the Contact series are available in the different versions HC, H, S, C and with different assistance elements in order to optimally support each user in his personal working method. With clarity and elegance, a perfect mixture of utility, function and aesthetics has been created, making the Ritter Contact World one of the most beautiful patient chairs on the market worldwide.

Patient Chair

Take a seat and relax:

The Ritter Contact patient chair meet all requirements for the most comfortable patient position in every treatment situation.

  • Unique simultaneous movement (Trendelenburg) for separate control of backrest and seat. This prevents the patient’s clothing from slipping.
  • Optimum, safe and comfortable positioning, even in extreme treatment situations
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Seamless, easy to disinfect cushions and surfaces
  • Flexible control via foot pedal and function displays
  • Chair height 35 – 85 cm
  • Optional right, swivelling armrest
  • Extraordinary seating comfort: optionally available with Visco Soft® padding, which adapts individually to body shape

One-Joint headrest with seamless comfort cushion. Quick and easy positioning with the left hand. Comfortable positioning of the patient’s head. Flexible articulating headrest. Optional double-jointed headrest (not available with ViscoSoft® pad) and children’s head rest.


4 doctor's side versions for election

All Ritter treatment units of the Contact series are available in the different versions S, H, C, HC in order to optimally support each user in his working method.

HC Version

Hanging hoses with Cart head

The tray of this HC version with hanging tubes has a more conventional design than that of the H version, with the tray table located directly above the instruments. The cart head can accommodate up to 6 instruments in any order, controlled by the foot pedal when in use.

C Version

Stand alone

The flexibility of the mobile Stand alone is undisputed: it can be moved freely around the entire treatment unit and guarantees optimum freedom of movement, especially in confined spaces.

The Stand alone version can be perfectly combined with a large (unit-mounted) tray table

S Version

Swinging hoses system

The S-version with oscillating pull down system is particularly popular abroad. Each instrument can be easily and ergonomically removed and returned without effort.

The proven swing bar system minimizes soiling, as the tubes have no contact with the ground and glide cleanly into the rest positions.

H Version

Hanging hoses

In the H version, the dentist element on the floating arm is equipped with hanging hoses and a large tray table. The element can be moved very close to the patient and guarantees optimum handling of the max. 5 instruments with the smallest working circle.

Everyone has their favourite colour -
we all have them.

Special paintwork of the entire unit as well as partial paintwork of the water unit or cart are possible in all RAL colours and metallic colours. Standard paint colour is RAL 9003 / signal white.

Contact World

Upholstery colors

  • Many upholstery colours give your practice an individual touch
  • Colourfast and colourfast
  • Other colours are available on request

The patterns shown may differ in colour and structure from the actual upholstery.
* not available in ViscoSoft



Contact CW and CLC Function-Display

The clear and concise multi-function display enables simple and intuitive chair & instrument control.

The alphanumeric display shows the status of each instrument.

Treatment positions of the patient chair (e.g. entry and exit position) and presettings of up to 4 different doctors can be freely programmed. (Contact World).

Simple but complex

No multiple assignment of keys: the Ritter control system provides a separate key for each function. The result is a very simple, intuitive control of the functions. This direct and simple handling is particularly noticeable in difficult surgeries and treatments.

User friendly - intuitively navigation.

With the Ritter function display, all functions can be controlled via touch keys on the treatment units.

Contact CW and CLC Foot pedal control

Easy and comfortable operation. Good standing. Transmission-safe operation due to the wired connection. Individual control of the F1-F4 functions. Perfect weight balance when moving with the toes.
Material: Metal with plastic grip.

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