Dental Unit SS_KISS – Simple & Smart

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Keep It Simple & Smart

The concept is: innovation; new design to improve the comfort of the patient and the daily practice.

Essential electronic components to minimize the assistance need, high performance and easy maintenance.

Extra resistant and still extremely simple to install and use.

Instrument tray and Spittoon Without additional costs you can choose if you prefer a Top Mounted or Hanging Type version and a ceramic or glass spittoon.


The standard configuration includes:

  • Ergonomic chair.
  • Autoclavable silicone pads.
  • Left armrest (right armrest as an option).
  • 5 instruments: 1 of eco 3-ways syringe, 1 Woodpecker scaler EMS compatible with 5 tips included, 2 optical fibers cordon, 1 cordon without optical fibers. Cordons with midwest connection.
  • Control panel on instrument tray: 3 programmable positions (Trendelenburg position + reset position + last working position). Light control, basin control, and programmable glass filling control, water boiler activation, x-ray viewer activation. chair movement controls.
  • Assistant tray: 1 of 3-ways syringe, double suction cannula (strong and wake suction) with 2 separated airtight filters.
  • Hot water boiler
  • Rotatable water unit with internal structure in aluminum.
  • Control panel on an assistant tray: chair movement controls. Reset position, last working position. Light control, programmable basin control and glass filling control, water boiler activation.
  • LED operation lamp with a sensor, intensity up to 30.000 lux.
  • Multifunctional pneumatic pedal: control for instrument activation (even for the electric micromotor), chair movement joystick, water activation switch, basin and glass activation button, chip air button.
  • Disinfection system.
  • Doctor stool in PU leather, with 3 possible seat and backrest adjustments.
  • Pu leather cushions (without seams). High-quality PU production process. Antisnatch.
  • 1-year warranty (extendible up to 5 years)
  • Installation is available also for left-handed doctors.
  • Linak or T-motion motors.


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