Dental Unit SS_ONE – Simple & Smart

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The concept is: simplicity

Less electronic components, less assistance need, high performances and extreme simplicity in installation and use.


Resistent structure, performing features

The structure of the unit is built to last in time, solid and resistant grant a perfect stability and durability.
The water unit can rotate to allow the doctor to work even at 3 o’clock or to allow a better positioning of the assistant.
The water unit’s internal structure and the most fragile parts of the dental unit are completely made in aluminium.


Improving ergonomics

The seat and the backrest have been designed to improve the patient’s comfort and stability on the chair.
The particular ergonomics allows the doctor to work in a more suitable position.
Working in 12 o’clock position will be easier.
The structure of the backrest is in metal and its extra thin design improves the ergonomics of the seat and makes the approach of the doctor to the patient much easier, in this way the doctor can reach a better working position.


No-stop water

ONE is equipped with double tanks for pure water and disinfection system.

There is a tank inside the water unit for the disinfection and a second bigger tank, outside the water unit, with a capacity of 2 L for the pure water supply.
There are also two separated airtight filters, one for each suction cannula.
New, more powerful and less noisy motors are the icing on the cake.


More comfort with seams!

The standard cushions in PU Leather are manufactured without seams as they can be cleaned more easily.
On the other hand, the Fiber Leather seat grants an higher sense of comfort to your patients.
There is a standard range of colors but you can also customize it choosing within a range of more than 350 colors.


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