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Software for Standalone Audiometer

Fully customized and easy installation software for storing data produced during audiometery testing. With special tests enabled and advanced print management.


LED Matrix for Standalone Audiometer

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An elegant and tidy audiometry workstation underlines the demand for high-quality functional diagnostics.
The KA450 is a high-quality 2-channel clinical audiometer and requires neither a PC nor a network connection for operation.

Nevertheless, it is fully integrated into our audioApp software. It can then be operated on the device and via the software as required.

Classic audiogram forms can also be filled out very easily with the optional LED matrix.

The Freiburg speech test is stored on a memory card in the device and saves you the tedious work of using a CD player.

  • Premium 2-Channel Tone- and Speech Audiometer.
  • Stand-alone or PC operated.
  • Air- & Bone-Conduction.
  • Free Field.
  • Additional connector for Insert-Phone or HF-Headset.
  • Standard Frequency Range 125 Hz to 12.5 Hz.


Technical Specifications:
  • 4 transducer outputs (air line R/L, bone line, free field R/L and aux R/L for e.g. plug-in headphones or high tone audiometry).
  • Standard frequency range airline: 125Hz to 8kHz
  • Standard frequency range bone conduction: 250 to 4kHz
  • Manual and sliding anaesthesia with narrowband & broadband noise as well as speech masking noise
  • Signal modulation: pure tone, sweep, pulse tone
  • Integrated Freiburg Language Test with single word selection and randomised group selection and word playback
  • Speech tests from hard disk via PC software and live speech test, Westras Wave audiometry
  • Suprathreshold tests: SISI, Fowler, Stenger, Langenbeck Noise audiometry, tinnitus determination with sound / narrowband noise,
    Tinnitus masking with narrowband noise / broadband noise, Lüscher
  • Patient communication: Talk back and talk forward function as well as patient answer button
  • Line-In R/L
  • USB interface, galvanically isolated
  • Built-in display
  • Built-in free field amplifier
  • Two high-quality encoders with magnetic bearings
  • Closed, easily disinfectable user interface



  • LED matrix
  • audioApp software sound and speech audiometry
  • High-frequency audiometry up to 16 kHz with additional high-frequency audiometry air receiver RadioEAR DD450
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