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Demineralized water supply for W&H sterilizers or other brand sterilizers

Consists of: filter head, cartridge with 2.7 kg, tubes and connectors (incl. Water Block®)

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The water demineralizer system

The water demineralizer system Multidem supplies top quality demineralized water for generating steam in autoclaves. As a result, it ensures consistent and optimized performance, thereby extending the service life of your sterilizer or purification unit.

Compatible and user-friendly

Multidem supplies top quality demineralized water. It can be used with all steam sterilizers and fills automatically up to 2 sterilizers.

Additional spray gun
In addition, Multidem is also equipped with a spray gun. This is ideal for rinsing instruments prior to sterilization

All advantages at a glance

Technical data

Multidem C27
Water treatment principle: Demineralization
Direct connection to sterilizer:
Number of connectable sterilizers: up to 2 units
Possibility of manual filling:  (spray gun)
Fulfilling sterilization requirements:
Water quality output: 0.5-2 µS/cm
Produced water: 60 litres/1h
Volume storage tank:
Water pressure (min./max.): 2-8.6 bar
Main device dimensions (w x h x d): 12,4 x 12,3 x 47,6 cm
Water tank dimensions (w x h x d):
Weight: 2.7 kg
Electrical supply needed: no
Electrical power supply:
Wall mount: no
Backflow preventer according to EN1717:
Demineralized water according to EN13060 Annex C:
Weight 2.5 kg


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