ENT Suction Pump

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ENT Suction pump – air flow rate per min. 24L. To remove secretion from the inner ear. With a collection jar and a safety valve on jar lid –  to prevent the overflow of secretion to the pump mechanism.

Technical Specifications:

weight: 7.5 KG.

Suction Hose: 6mm diameter, length 1.3m

Noise Level : 50DB

The DX-18 ENT Suction pump, with an air-flow rate per min. 24L is a very handy small suction unit. It is driven by an electromotive, maintenance-free diaphragm-type pump. The pump generates a vacuum within the hose system and the collection jar. The fluid is gathered in the collection jar. A mechanical overflow safety (on the inner part of the collection jar lid) prevents the overflow of secretion to the pump mechanism.



  • Optional rechargeable battery (accumulator)
  • Integrated microprocessor-based technology assures safe charging of the battery
  • An electronic controlled over-temperature stop avoids overheating of the unit.
  • A disposable bacterial filter plate integrated with the lid of the collection jar prevents bacteria and liquid from penetrating into the pump.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 7.5 KG.
  • Suction Hose: 6mm diameter, length 1.3m
  • Noise Level: 50DB
  • Airflow rate pump 18L/min
  • vacuum 80kPa+5kPa
  • Additional air regulation Mechanical regulating valve
  • Collection jar 1L secretion container,1L Receptal container system or
  • 1L MediVac container system
  • Suction hose 6mm diameter,1.30m length
  • Voltage 230V~(+/-10%)50
  • Current input(max) Ca. 1.25A(230V~)
  • Power consumption Ca. 300 VA(230V~)
  • 2m power cable
Weight 10 kg

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