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High Range ENT workstation for a diagnosticendoscopic and microscopy complete activity.

Wireless Technology – Touch Screen Control Panel to manage all active instruments – Several drawers and compartments for a better organisation of the devices – Available also in the XL version. 

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High Range ENT workstation for a diagnosticendoscopic and microscopy complete activity.

Solid case in steel painted with epoxy powders in color white or silver grey (at choice).

Transparent gloss layer for easy cleaning and better protection against external agents (optional). Such treatment grants a long durability in time and high resistance of the colors to the light. The case is also mobile on 6 antistatic castors with brakes that help the operator in the floor cleaning and disinfection as well as in the easy positioning anywhere in the outpatient room.

Working top in tempered glass or Corian® easy to clean, anti-scratch and water resistant for an high degree of Infection control. Linear surface for an easier disinfection against proliferation of bacteria.

Standard Applications:

  • Color and adjustable  touch screen display 4,3”
  • Wireless control of the motorised movement of the combined 3-4 motors ENT chair, if provided
  • Powered suction system (50 lt/min or 70 lt/min) complete with suction jar (1 lt. capacity)
  • Hydrophobic filter
  • Kit of stainless steel canula for suction
  • Ear funnel
  • 3 endoscope supports in Plexiglass, integrated in the structure
  • 2 supports for headlamp

Optional Applications:

  • Up to 10 drawers combinations available for instruments storage and with the possibility to house also external electro-medical devices – Frontal Drawers in metal painted with epoxidy powders or in glass ( more than 20 nuances available)
  • Motorised waste bin
  • Application of second suction system
  • Application of single use suction jar (1 or 2 lt. capacity)
  • Automatic discharge system
  • Application of rinsing system for suction tube
  • Connection to the main water system
  • Insufflation system with digital manometer
  • Application of ear washing syringe, with fixed temperature
  • Application of medicament kit for pulverisation of powder and liquid medications
  • 8 integrated supports of endoscope in Plexiglass
  • Warming application for 2 endoscope supports
  • Integrated LED light source with 1 or 2 output – color temperature 5.500°K/200 L
  • LED light source with hand-piece, direct connection to endoscopes
  • Superior modular desk in 3 levels complete with stainless steel trays (optional, warmed)
  • Pole support for microscope and monitor articulated arm
  • Video-Endoscopy system
  • Microscope
  • Video Nistagmoscope
  • Rhinomanometer

Choose your preferred color of the drawers:


Weight 120 kg
Epoxy colors

A07, A08, A09, A10, A12, A13, A13m, A14, A15, A17, A21, A24, A25, A27, A32, B01, B05, B06, B09, C04, C06, C11

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