HD Video & Documentation premium package – ALL2MD

6400.256625.25 Ex. VAT

HD Endoscope video camera - Clearview



3599.00 Ex. VAT

Endoscope coupler for video - Clearview

Optical Coupler for both rigid and flexible endoscopes - to adapt the endoscope to the camera head. f=22 &25 is recommended for flexible endoscopy

Medicap V7.0 Documentation software - Lerensoft

1049.25 Ex. VAT

Foot pedal for photo capturing - Lerensoft

0.00 Ex. VAT

HDMI video converter - Inogeni

HDMI to USB 3.0 Video Converter for video capturing from the camera to PC

449.25 Ex. VAT

Free - 110 Series Mini Desktop Computer AS-ROCK

674.25 Ex. VAT

27" IPS Monitor ProLite T2735MSC-B3 - iiyama

411.75 Ex. VAT

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 2-year warranty
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Complete ENT video documentation system.

All you need to perform delicate video endoscopy procedures and micro surgeries – from HD Video Camera to a powerful mini Desktop Computer with an installed Documentation Software.

Buy this package and receive the foot pedal and a desktop computer, worth 1000 EUR for free.


Package includes:

1. HD 1/3” CCD Endoscopy Camera (including a coupler per your choice)
2. HDMI Video converter for capturing video and photos from your DVI camera to PC
3. Medicap Documentation Software
4. Foot Pedal for capturing videos and photos with the ease of your foot
5.110 Series Mini Desktop Computer by AS-ROCK
6. 27″ IPS LED Touchscreen Monitor

Download MediCap_v7.0 Here

Weight 10 kg

Endoscope coupler for video - Clearview

Focal Size

18, 20, 22, 25, 28, Zoom

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