Face Shield Protection

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Face shield protection mask –  0.5mm thick polycarbonate, ultra-resistant to scratches and chemicals, the same material used in dental reflectors. It is transparent, extremely light, and compact and helps to provide reliable facial protection against particles and splashes. Reusable product – after disinfection with 70% alcohol using a soft cotton cloth. It is indicated for use in hospitals, offices, and clinics.

Polycarbonate is considered to be one of the best plastic materials available in the world today. Among its properties is durability, lightness, flame resistance, and incredible impact resistance (about 200 times greater than other transparent materials-virtually unbreakable). Modern, very light, and comfortable. Enables Clear Communication Medical-dental use as well as protection in general. Perfectly adapts to prescription glasses, maintaining clear and translucent visibility. Easier Breathing compared to ordinary masks. Transparent with ultra-resistant Polycarbonate material. It has no sharp bumps or edges that can cause discomfort or accident to the user. Product delivered assembled to the customer.

Anti-splash mask that to prevent the transmission of contagious diseases such as influenza and the new coronavirus.


Weight 1 kg


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