Flexible Fiber Endoscope

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Are you on the move? Add a portable light source!

Portable 3W LED light source

Clearview portable 3W LED light source. Very small, easy to carry, easy to use stick LED light source.

Can be connected to both rigid and flexible endoscopes. For in-clinic usage. Charger and rechargeable batteries are included.

Colour: Silver

Portable 10W LED light source

Portable 10W LED light source. Small, lightweight, easy to use. For both rigid and flexible endoscopes. Charger and rechargeable batteries are included.

Emos Technology Mini Portable 10W Lightsource

Portable Lighsource for your rigid and flexible endoscope. Made in Germany.

Technical Specifications:

  • Intensive Lightning
  • 5 Adjustable brightness levels
  • Water-resistant
  • Incl. USB-Magnetic chip
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long life time battery

  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Free returns within 14 days
  • Free support for all our products

Flexible Fiber Endoscope

The ENT flexible endoscope 18K Bundle provides high-resolution fiber optic technology, for crystal clear images with a high focus depth and a great brightness level – equivalent to that of a rigid scope.

Ergonomic shape for ease of use along with smaller diameter -ensure maximum patient comfort.

Provided with an ETO cap and a case.

Leakage tester is included, fiber cable optional.

We recommend buying the 3.2 if you perform endoscopy on both adults and children or on patients with septum nasal problems.

Technical Specifications: Insertion tube: Ø 2.8 -3,4 mm
Usable length: 300 mm
Viewing angle: 85°
Angulation up to/from: 180°/180°
Pixel: 18.000

Handle Type: Ergonomic


State of the art 2,8-3,4mm Flexible Fiber Nasopharyngoscope with Ergonomic Handle. Excellent optical quality.

Flexible Fiber Endoscope (Nasopharyngoscope) 2.8-3.4MM – Ergonomic Handle, 18K Bundle. Choose diameter according to your needs – pediatric (2.8mm) or adult (3.4mm), or both (3.2mm)

Flexible Endoscopy leakage tester for CLEARVIEW flexible endoscope.


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2.8mm, 3.2mm, 3.4mm

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