Gyroflex KaVo Multiflex Coupling LED – TKD

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All light turbines with Mulitflex® connection (KaVo) also fit GYROFLEX® LED. The spray regulation is provided with a stepped setting, which means that the spray volume cannot be adjusted during treatment.
GYROFLEX® LED is equipped with a water non-return valve to prevent internal contamination of the coupling and turbine. The built-in LED brings daylight into the operating field. This allows the correct assessment of the tooth and restoration colour to be made during treatment. Together with the light guide of the BRAVIA® L and XL turbines, the working field is optimally illuminated.
With GYROFLEX® LED, the turbine can be rotated through 360°, making it easier to change the BRAVIA® L and XL turbines for preparation.
Technical data
Water non-return valve
High-power LED (3.5 ± 0.2 V direct current; 60 mA max)
Regulating valve with steps
Not autoclavable
Weight: 20g
ISO 9168, CEI EN 60601-1
Maximum air / water pressure: 6 bar
Recommended connection: BRAVIA® XL, BRAVIA® L
Further connection options: Devices with KaVo MULTIflex® connection


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