3D Intra Oral Scanner K SCAN – K-Line

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  • Software included
  • 5 Removable and autoclavable scanning head
  • Super light design: 350gr!
  • Design ensures comfort and grip
  • Anti-fog function built in

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The K Scan comes complete with an intra oral scanner and a software for your notebook / computer.



Lightweight and portable design, easy to install, easy to use


Installed in a Notebook (supported by Nvidia Graphic cards and Windows system)


Product specifications

1. Small size and lightweight- Scanner size: 240mm (length) × 39.8mm (width) × 57mm (height) – Scanning head size: 18.5mm (height) × 19mm (width)

– Weight: 350g
– Applicable to patients with different opening degrees. Scan head detachable to support multi-mode disinfection. Scanning head can be autoclaved and immersed to avoid cross infection

3. No powder scanning

– Reduces the difficulty and complexity of clinical operations – Improves patient comfort

4. Color scanning

– True color imaging reflects the actual situation of the patient’s mouth
– Easy to distinguish between soft and hard tissue
– Facilitates easy communication between doctors and patients

5. High scanning accuracy and speed

– Scanning with up to 25μm – for all clinical needs – Saving time compared to traditional impressions – Full port scanning time: ≤ 5 minutes

6. Continuous scanning

– Reduces clinical operation time and increase efficiency
– Real-time display of scanned images, so doctors can diagnose and analyze live

7. Accurate depth of field

– Large depth of field of 15mm to ensure completeness of images

8. Built-in anti-fog function

– The anti-fog function is built in the scanning head, and the lens is automatically heated to prevent fogging in the mouth.
– Provides guarantees for the completeness of data collected at one time

9. Pen Design

– Pen-holding design
– Streamlined design for a more comfortable grip – Ergonomic design10. Data format is open – Unencrypted STL format
– Compatible with most CAD design software
– Data can be transferred to the machining center via the built-in cloud service or by alternative means11. Wide range of clinical applications – Can be applied to most oral restorations, oral implants, orthodontics, etc.


Manufacturer: https://www.klineprivatelabel.com/kscan


Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 24 × 4 × 5.7 cm


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