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  • Fastest 28L autoclave on the market
  • Remote monitoring with Lina Mobile App
  • Can store over a 100 handpieces
  • Modern design for improved ergonomics and easy maintenance

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B Autoclave Lara XL 28 Litres

Lara XL stands out for its higher capacity and energy-saving B-type fast cycles. Thanks to the connection possibilities and extended traceability, the steriliser is ready for all individual requirements, now and in the future. Easy navigation ensures full control over the entire workflow, saves time and offers you and your patients complete protection.

Features of Lina 17 L Steriliser:

  • Lara XL autoclave has the fastest Class B sterilisation cycle and can reprocess in less than 30 minutes, making it a time-saving solution.
  • Eco Dry+ technology adapts the drying time to the amount of load, reducing cycle time, increasing instrument lifespan, and optimizing energy consumption, making it a sustainable option.
  • The Autoclave has a capacity of 28 liters and can process up to 7 kg of bagged instruments or 9 kg of cassettes.
  • Automatic water filling valve eliminates the need to fill and empty the tank by hand, making the autoclave very convenient to use.
  • Lara XL has WLAN and LAN connections that allow for easy downloading of cycle reports and remote control and monitoring of the steriliser through the W&H Steri App.
  • Intelligent menu structure makes the autoclave easy to navigate and use.
  • B-type belts can process and dry 2 kg of load in just 40 minutes, making it a time-saving feature.
  • Automatic adaptation of the drying time reduces the duration of exposure to heat, extending the service life of the instruments and making it a reliable option.
  • Lara XL saves energy by optimizing the drying time, making it an eco-friendly solution.


Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 47 × 45 × 64 cm

17L, 22L




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