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KIDS Otoscope LuxaScope Auris LED 2.5V - Luxamed

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The Luxascope Auris LED.
Original, graceful lines and shiny accents make the Luxascope Auris LED Otoscope a real eye-catcher. Only high-quality and innovative materials are selected for manufacturing this otoscope. Best craftsmanship combines with state-of-the-art technology. Convincing Example: With our unique lighting through an innovative LED ring (LED ring technology 1), we renounce the use of a conventional fiber optics – while still open fields and optimal illumination at the scope. The LEDs are operated via constant current. This guarantees a much longer life. No incandescent change necessary.



The LUXASCOPE AURIS LED with integrated charging technology (USB Technology 2) allows easy charging to a power supply or computer without being bound to a charging station.

A new standard sets our Luxascope Auris CCT LED. The unique lighting (CCT Technology 3) with 2 x 4 LEDs allows the otoscopic examination with warm white and cold white light. Switchable at the push of a button.

Warm white light is comparable to conventional bulbs such as empty, gas discharge lamps to obtain usual illumination. Cold white light for better contrast representation especially in the reddish area of ​​the spectrum. Spectral composition of the light allows for increased absorption a more accurate representation of the vessels and the highly bleeded areas.

Focused on the essentials. Made by Luxamed.


Technical Specifications

  • Innovative otoscope in pocket format
  • Lighting: LED ring with 6 LEDs (concentric)
  • No fiber optics, no restricted field of view
  • Protected by DE202013104278U1
  • Maintenance-free, because no lamp change is necessary
  • Dimmable
  • Switching automatic after 3 minutes
  • Lifetime LEDs: approx. 100,000 hours by constant current control
  • Lighting strength: approx. 10,000 lux
  • Color temperature: approx. 4,000 K
  • Optimized design of the head
  • Swivel 3-fold magnification magnifying glass with locking function
  • Blower connection for pneumatic test
  • 2-component handle (aluminum elements high-quality painted / glass fiber reinforced plastic)
  • Electronic On / Off pressure switch
  • Power supply: 2 x AAA alkaline batteries, inclusive
  • incl. 20 disposable ear funnel, gray, 10 x 2.5 mm each and 10 x 4.0 mm
Weight 0.5 kg
Color of Otoscope

Colza Yellow, Delicat Lilac, Ice Blue, Jade Green, Magenta


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