PureRegen® Gel Sinus Dressing – Bioregen

Minimum Order Quantity: 4 Pcs

  • Promotes functional healing: Facilitates remucosalisation and stops minor bleeding
  • Expands after plantation: Conforms to nasal cavity leaving no dead space
  • Degrades in 2 weeks: Eliminates painful removal and avoids secondary damage to regenerated mucous
  • Biocompatible: Non-animal components, free from xenogenic proteins and toxic residual material
  • Ready to use in syringe: With mouldable cannula. No need to pre-mix
  • Stored at room temperature: Freeing up refrigeration space

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PureRegen® Gel Sinus is a self-dissolving wound sealant made of, which is inserted into the middle nasal passage after sinus surgery (NNH)


ENT-PureRegen Gel Sinus Generic Name: Nasal and Sinus Dressing

Product Features

A jelly-like functional repair material with CFDA/FDA/CE approval and certification;suitable for wounds after nasal endoscopic surgery;staying in the nasal/sinus cavity continuously and not easy to drain out;no need to remove.

Product Category

CFDA: Class III MD; CE: Class IIa (MDD).

Product Functions

Regulate inflammatory reaction, accelerate mucosal healing, prevent adhesion formation.

Applicable Scope

Exposed wound mucosa after nasal/sinus endoscopic surgery.

Product properties:
// Covers and seals wound surfaces
// Creates a moist environment for 7 – 14 days
// Regulates the inflammatory reaction
// Promotes physiological wound healing
// Reduces granulation and scarring

// To support the natural wound healing processes after NNH procedures
// For sealing wound surfaces in paranasal sinuses
// For uncomplicated sinus surgery

Product benefits
// Promotes physiological wound healing
// Lowest possible patient stress
// Low postoperative workload for the doctor providing aftercare

PureRegen® Gel Sinus is applied to the wound surface using a special injector.
1) Preparation of the special injector:
2) Attach the application aid
3) Apply the gel up to the tip of the cannula
4) Application under endoscopic control


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