Rigid Otoscope Package

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1,497.001,522.00 Excluding VAT

SAVE 50% off! All you need to perform rigid  autoscope procedures: Rigid otoscope (different diameters and angles ), 2 LED light sources – fixed and portable and a fiber cable. Buy all in great price with 50% off on all the accessories!

Your package includes:

Rigid Otoscope - Autoclavable

Clearview state of the art rigid Otoscope 0˚/ 30˚(per your choice), 50mm length, 2.7mm diameter, made of high-quality stainless steel – to provide optimal durability and reliability.

Fiber optic cable 180cm - 300cm long

Universal Medical Fiber optic cable 180cm - 300cm long to transform the light from the light source.

Supplied with both STORZ and WOLF connectors.

Suit all types of Light sources: LED, XENON and HALOGEN.


Mini 50W LED Light Source

Small and compact 50W LED Light Source, uses the most advanced LED technology. Weighs less than 2Kg.

It’s a practical alternative to the 250W halogen light sources as it transfers LED light effectively into all-optical fibers and achieves an intensity that exceeds the 250W halogen light source.

375.00 Excluding VAT

Portable 3W LED light source

Clearview portable 3W LED light source. Very small, easy to carry, easy to use stick LED light source.

Can be connected to both rigid and flexible endoscopes. For in-clinic usage. Charger and rechargeable batteries are included.

Colour: Silver

112.50 Excluding VAT

Buy a Rigid Otoscope and save 50% off on all accessories- portable and non portable light sources and fiber cable ! Need to perform rigid Otoscope procedure? Don’t buy each product separately. We have created a special package, in a great price, with 50% discount on all accessories:

1. Rigid Otoscope (Different diameters and angles)
2. LED 50W Lightsource
3. Portable 3W LED Lightsource
4. Fiber optic cable

Weight 5 kg

Rigid Otoscope - Autoclavable

Weight 1 kg
Degree of Otoendoscope

0˚, 30˚

Fiber optic cable 180cm - 300cm long

Weight 1 kg
Fiber cable length

180cm, 200cm, 250cm, 300cm

Mini 50W LED Light Source

Weight 1 kg

Portable 3W LED light source

Weight 1 kg
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