Thermal Washer Disinfector TEON / TEON + W&H

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The TEON is sold empty. Add the appropriate equipment with 20% discount to your device:

Starter Pack for TEON - W&H


  • A102 Upper basket
  • E379 Insert 1/2 mesh tray
  • E430 Insert 1/3 mesh tray
  • A151 Lower basket
  • E337 Insert 2/5
  • E523 Insert 1/2

Injection Pack for TEON - W&H


  • A105 Upper basket with injector nozzles
  • E379 Insert 1/2 mesh tray
  • A836 Dental nozzle set
  • A151 Lower basket
  • E337 Insert 2/5
  • E523 Insert 1/2

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Teon / Teon +
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The new Teon is a highly efficient thermal disinfector. Thanks to its special programmes, Teon offers the best cleaning and disinfection for your dental practice. Teon improves hygiene room workflow, reduces reprocessing time and increases protection against cross-contamination.

Technical data

Type: Teon Teon +
Power supply: 400 V AC; 50–60 Hz/230 V AC; 50–60 Hz
Current: 16 A
Overall dimension
(w x h x d):
600 x 835 x 600 mm
Space required for installation
(w x h x d):
598 x 835 x 1,200 mm (in total with opened-door)
Weight (empty): 74 kg 78 kg
Smart Dry:
Dry Plus:
HEPA filter:
Cold water connection:
Hot water connection:
Demineralized water connection:
Auto-close – automatic door lock:
No. of integrated dispenser pumps for liquid products: 2 1
In-door dosing device for rinse:
Salt tank – front door access:
Number of program: 5 6
No. of customizable program: 2 2
Cycle time (time for Vario TD Dental program): 49′ 74′
including active


The thermal washer disinfectors Teon and Teon + were designed, certified and validated with the most stringent directives and standards:

93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive EN 61010-2-040 Safety requirement DIN EN ISO 15883-1/2 Washer-Disinfector
EN 61326-1 Electromagnetic compatibility EN1717 Protection against pollution of potable water



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