Type B Autoclave CleanTec CB23 – Ritter

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  • Integrated printer for sterilization labels
  • User friendly LCD display
  • Built-in water tank
  • Made in Germany

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LCD display & integrated printer

The user-friendly, multi-language LCD display indicates temperature, pressure, term and cycle status. It allows an easy selection of the 11 different programmes. Any deviations or errors are shown in the display and are partially accompanied by an acoustic signal.

The CleanTec CB23 has an internal printer for documenting the sterilization cycles. Also a USB connection for easy data saving is integrated.

High-Quality Components & Reliability

The high performance pump has a very long lifespan and a 2-year warranty. Also it guarantees a low operation noise level (<54 dBA in 1 m distance). The premium valves come with a 4-year warranty. The stainless steel tank is robust and easy to clean. Revised electronic components and software updates correspond to the latest standards. Due to the high quality of the components, the CleanTec CB23 requires only little maintenance


Technical specifications:

Overall dimensions (L x H x D): 505 x 400 x 650 mm
Weight (with empty tanks): 50 kg Weight (with full tanks): 55 kg
Colour: RAL 9016
Material: SUS304 Steel FeP01 Steel (Cover)
Noise level at 1 m distance: 54 dBA Noise level in front of the display: 63 dBA

Electrical specifications:

Rated voltage: 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Rated input: 1950 W Supply cable: (L 1.5 m) 2+1 x 1.5 mm2
Fuse: 10A Air Switch
Insulation: Class I

Chamber specifications:

Max. working pressure: 0.21 MPa (relative)
Max. working vacuum: -82 kPa (relative)
Max. vacuum (drying process): -94 kPa (relative)
Max. working temperature: 137°C
Material: Stainless steel SUS 304
Dimensions: Ø x P 250 x 450 mm

Clean water tank + Dirty water tank specifications:

Max. capacity: 4.5 l Cycles per tankful: ~4 (before the min. level indicator lights up)
Material: Stainless steel

Bacterial filter data:

maximum diameter: 56 mm max.
allowed filtering capacity: 0.2 μm
No. of cycles before replacement: ~150

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 50 × 65 × 40 cm


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