Video Nasopharyngoscope EF – Vision Medical

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  • Ultra slim insertion tube: Φ2.0mm & Φ2.8mm
  • Working length of 360mm, with a field of view of 90 degrees
  • Full viewing angle touch screen
  • HD 1280*800 resolution
  • Intelligent Management System
  • Connect up to 8 monitors

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Vision Medical EF Series Flexible Video Rhinolaryngoscope 2.0mm / 2.8mm

Vision Medical electronic nasopharyngeal endoscope is an innovative device specially designed and produced for clinical use in otolaryngology. The product has the advantages of not being easily damaged, sterilization adaptability and so on. It is suitable for the treatment of severe pharyngitis, vocal cord theory, polyps, cysts, vocal cord paralysis, cancer and trauma. Examine the external ear canal, tympanic membrane, middle ear, etc. Nasal cavity diagnosis, comparative evaluation before and after surgery, comparative evaluation before and after drug treatment, and judicial applications, with integrated workstations to print high-definition medical records.

Ultra slim insertion tube: Φ2.0mm & Φ2.8

Exclusively created the ultra slim outer insertion part

Wireless Endoscope, freely enjoy your views

Multi-point wireless video transmission function, for up to 4 hours on one battery

More screens, more possibilities

Multi-screen linkage interaction. Achieve a seamless experience

Ergonomic handle

Ergonomic DesignImproved operation feeling, comfortable and convenient

120° large field of view, everything inside

EF Series compressed A
A new miniature high-definition image sensor is used, with a 120° viewing angleCan provide large-scale, clear and bright images.

Technical overview:
  • Fully digital image processing
  • Comes with two touch-screen monitors, 10″ and 5″ diagonally
  • Small endoscope diameter – 2.0mm & 2.8mm
  • Working length of 360mm, with a field of view of 90 degrees
  • Adjustable angle range of 180 degrees upwards / 130 degrees downwards
  • Built-in image and video recording function
  • LED illumination at the working end
  • Ability to save images on a USB memory stick for easy transfer to a PC
  • Option to connect an external monitor via HDMI interface
  • Easy disinfection with liquid or ETO (Ethylene Oxide)
  • Powered by a built-in battery
  • Easy to carry, includes a carrying case
  • Optional wireless transmission
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