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  • Connect with Wifi & USB
  • Suitable for all microscope brands
  • Plug & Play
  • integrated beam splitter

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Wireless foot pedal for microscope video camera - Alltion

Capture videos and photos easily with your foot, without any wires.

The Foot Pedal transmits information to the ALL IN ONE HDMI Video Camera by WIFI – without the need for cables.

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Would you like to add an HD Video Camera to your current microscope and upgrade your service to the patient?

The ALL-CAM2 camera module system combines beam splitter and full function full HD video camera.

This camera is a superb solution for any microscope user of any major brand including microscopes & colposcopes of: Zeiss, Kaps, Leica, Zumax, Seiler, Optomic, Labomed, Seliga, DFV, Global, Moller and Alltion

It is wire-free, hence transmitting photos and videos by WIFI to any computer (wireless network card is included) or Video Monitor (wireless HDMI transmitter- purchased separately). It has 32GB memory and USB connections.

Perfect for high definition displays of surgical examinations, treatment, operating procedures, and diagnosis.

As well as video, you can record still images and share them with smartphones and computers.

It makes it easier to explain procedures to your patients with its full HD format.

No cables required, it uses WIFI and USB connections.


 ALL-CAM2 integrates the functions of a beam splitter, camera adapter, and camera. It has a small volume (155mm x 110mm x 60mm) and is lightweight (0.7KGs; less than half the weight and volume of a traditional beam splitter + camera adapter + camera).

  • ALL-CAM2 is designed specifically for surgical microscopes and colposcopes
  • It applies SONY industrial-grade light-sensitive chips, with high resolution, high sensitivity, low noise point, and excellent color restoration.
  • Produces significantly better images than traditional camera systems
  • It has the functions of real-time video output, photography, video recording, and image freezing. A doctor can use the function of image freezing to present the state of an illness to patients.
  • With a built-in 32G SD memory card, it can continuously record for about 10 hours. It can also connect to an external memory through a USB interface.
  • ALL-CAM2 is an intelligent mini workstation that integrates almost all functions that you may use during your work: Parameters, including color and definition of the camera, can be set by the user.
  • Pictures before and after treatment can be compared.
  • Images can be turned upside down and turned to the left or right.
  • It can precisely measure the size of the lesion and store data.
  • A Cross curve can be displayed on the screen.
  • Partially enlarged image.
  • More functions are available for use.
  • Suitable for the following microscopes & colposcopes: Alltion, Zeiss, Seiler, Zumax, Optomic, Labomed, Seliga, DFV, Global, Kaps, Leica, Moller.
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Microscope Brand

Alltion, Global, Kaps, Leica, Moeller, Zeiss, Zumax, Seiter, Optomic, Labomed, Seliga, DFV

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