Enbio Pro 5.3L Class B Autoclave – Enbio

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  • Worlds fastest type b-autoclave
  • Up to 16 instrument packs at once
  • FAST Cycle in 10 min!
  • Very quiet
  • Plug & Play

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The Enbio Table is both convenient and beautiful, its attractive design emphasizing the look of your room.

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The Enbio Pro autoclave is a compact and fast class B steam sterilizer and specially designed for professional use in dental, dermatology and podiatry practices, as well as tattoo and cosmetic studios. In addition to conventional programs of 121°C and 134°C, the innovative instrument sterilization device also has a 134°C FAST program that allows unpacked instruments to be sterilized in just 10 minutes. In addition, a PRION program intended for the decontamination of instruments that have come into contact with pathologically altered prion proteins complements the functionality of the autoclave.

This unit comes complete:

  • Enbio Pro autoclave
  • Class B steam sterilizer according to EN 13060
  • Certified medical device
  • Conforms to all European standards
  • For the rapid sterilization of loose or wrapped instruments
  • The FAST program takes only 10 minutes
  • Allows you to sterilize up to 16 packages simultaneously
  • Particularly quiet operation
  • Automatic saving of reports to a pen drive USB stick
  • Equipped with a large color display
  • No programming required
  • Suitable for all conventional implant cartridges (5.3 l volume)
  • Has a condensation drain
  • The tray is securely locked with a locking button
  • The HEPA filter traps fine dust
  • Ideal for dentists, dermatologists, podiatrists, as well as cosmetic or tattoo studios
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 years
Program Total run time Load Sterilization class
134 °C FAST 10 minutes Unpacked instruments without hollow bodies S
134 °C 19 minutes Packed / unpacked instruments B
121 °C 30 minutes Packed / unpacked instruments B
PRION** 45 minutes Unpacked instruments B
Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 56 × 27 × 20 cm


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