Digital stroboscopy system – I.C. Lercher

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A fully portable Stroboscopy system, controlled by an app.

Needs just a computer (laptop, desktop, or tablet) with a free USB port.

The USB stick operates as the control unit of the stroboscope.

The high-power LED light source and the microphone are connected directly to the USB stick.

Can be used for both Stroboscope and endoscope, hence eliminates the need for an additional light source especially for endoscopy.

When used in Stroboscopy mode, it can operate in slow motion (frequency 0.1-10.9HZ) and still frame, with a 360 degrees phase change.

In Endoscopy mode, a light source can be connected to any Endoscope (Storz compatible) and any related equipment you already have.

The microphone range is 70-1100HZ.


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The STROBO-LIGHT is developed to create Stroboscopic images to support visual depiction.

A revolutionary digital Stroboscopy system that is fully portable and stand-alone with a USB control unit.

For use with both stroboscopy and endoscopy.

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