Galbiati – Scout Dental Unit

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Solid, easy to use with uncommon elegance. Italian design This unit combines design/functionality/reliability.

– Internal disinfection program

– Touch screen controls

– Two high quality micromotors, with built in endo function (reciprocating)

– Strong lift function ensures good stability for heavier patients

– Extra low position for sitting/standing up and extra high position for operating modes

– Extra leg room for dentist for more ergonomy

– Sideways swaying whip function for extra doctor comfort

– High quality materials used

– Reliability is a main focus of the manufacturer (established 1935)

– Free shipping and installation (providing plumbing/leads and electricity are already prepared and in place)

– 3 years warranty (other configurations possible upon request)

Technica Specifications

  • Type of unit: dental chair with lift system, backrest, motors for chair movement, and foot control.
  • Supply voltage: 100 v ac (US) – 230 v ac (EU)
  • Rated frequency: 50hz / 60hz
  • Max power: 50 hz 650 va
  • Input air pressure: 0,5 mpa
  • Atmospheric pressure: 70 kpa to 106 kpa
  • Input water pressure: 0,6 mpa
  • Water hardness: 8,4 dh to 12 dh



  • Operating regulation of instruments speed and power
  • Reverse of micro motors operating speed
  • Adjustment of micro motors speed limit (0-100%)
  • Instrument disinfection tubes switch on/off
  • Integrated safe system (chair blocked while the instruments are working)
  • 4 chair memories
  • Instruments cooling switch on/off
  • Central suction system
  • Water supply system with 2 bottles (disinfection and distilled water)


Suction systems:

  • Ejector saliva
  • Different suction systems



  • Clean water bottle system
  • Disinfection system
  • Both system


Button-control panel:

  • Spray and power set up
  • Light for instruments on / off
  • Chip blower function
  • on/off pulizia canali spray dopo utilizzo dello strumento
  • panello di controllo o attivazione tramite pedale  pedalemanual from keyboard)
  • Disinfection program – activation
  • Glass filling
  • Spittoon rinsing risciacquo
  • Stop function
  • OP light switch on/off fibra ottica strumenti
  • Chair control


Operating lights:

  • Faro Alya Led
  • Faro Maia Led
  • Faro Edi Led
  • Multi fuctional turning foot control
  • Monitor


Dentist Table:

  • Top mounted system
  • Low mounted system

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