7 Reasons to shop online

Shopping online is a great way for buying goods. At the comfort of your home, with the ease of your keyboard and mouse you can get anything you want in a wide variety and great prices. As discussed in our last article WHY SHOP ONLINE – as delivery and commerce methods are  developing, shopping online is no longer limited to small, easy to ship items. And why not? The advantages of shopping online are so great that it’s only make sense to buy anything you can – online.

  • Availability – Webstores are always open. Day & Night, holidays, weekends – whenever you want to shop, the sign always says OPEN. Why should you be limited to regular business hours? Why should you be limited to the agent time and availability? It is your time. You decide when it is the right time for you, and nobody else.
  • Knowledge is Power – when you shop online everything is known and out in the open. There is no hidden information. You can compare products & prices and actually understand what is it that you are buying.
  • Better Prices – Online shops have less expenses than offline shops and businesses. They do not have cars, fuel, agents with expensive salary and sales commissions…. Their logistic is much less complicated. Therefore the prices online are always better than offline, as they can give the saving to the buyer.
  • Save Time – when you have an agent come to you , or when you go out to a showroom or shop – you spend precisions time, time that you can spend on family or hobbies or on working and earning money. Not only the time spend on the actual visit, but also on getting there and back, along with parking and traffic. Why spend this time? Your time worth money! You can save this time by shopping online.
  • Wide & Exact Variety – Online shops has a wider variety of categories of goods. Most agent sell only part of the equipment you need , meaning for furnishing your clinic fully you have to deal with several agents and make sure that everything bought fit . At ALL 2 MD we made sure you can get all the diagnostic equipment you need for your clinic – from rigid scope to a working unit in one place (and in great prices). More than that – we made sure you will not be confused with too much variety. We put in the website exactly the products and models you need – no more, no less. Hence, there are no similar products, with minor differences, under the same category.
  • Free Shipping – you do not need to worry about expensive shipping costs as when you buy offline (especially of large & heavy items like microscopes and working units). Most online store will provide you free shipping worldwide at minimum order. At All 2 MD we provide free shipping worldwide on all orders over 750 EUR.
  • Easy to Return – Most online shops carry a flexible return policy. If you are not satisfied you can return and receive 100% money back. This is not the case when you shop offline – usually you will be charged a restocking fee (up to 25%!) . Also the sending back to the supplier/ shop will be your problem to deal with. At ALL 2 , in case one wants to return, for any reason, we will pick up the goods and ship it back on our expense!

As said above, shopping online has so many advantages. You do not want to stay behind. More and more businesses are moving online to answer the demand of their clients for shopping online. ALL 2 MD is a revolutionary webstore – we are the first to offer real online commerce of medical equipment. Our model is based on the best methods for shopping online – in meaning of infrastructure and logistics. Our vision is to make shopping online of medical equipment as simple as buying books and clothes.

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