Why Shop Online?

Shopping online has more than a few advantages. This is why more and more people prefer shopping online over offline, and more markets are moving towards online sales as their major way of marketing. The offline retail world of shopping malls, door to door sales, and sales made by agents, is becoming less and less relevant. In the near future, as more shipping and delivery options will be available, shopping online will become the major way of retail. It just makes sense – with the comfort of your home, and the ease of your mouse and keyboard – you can get anything you need.

More interesting is the change in the categories sold online. According to a major research by KPMG (one of the BIG 4 – the big four accounting firms in the world)- The yearly increase in online sales in once traditionally sold in shops categories, such as furniture, home appliances and even cars(!), is relatively higher than that of “easy to ship” products such as book and clothes.

Although books and music will probably remain the number one category in online sales – the growth in those markets expected to be minimal if any. People now understand that shopping online is not limited to books, music or clothes. Everything can be sold online. Even cars! The great advantages of shopping online can not be missed.

According to KPMG research, the 3 top reasons people shop online are:

  1. Ability to shop 24/7

  2. Ability to compare prices

  3. Online better prices

At All 2 MD we made sure we answer all the reasons people gave to why shop online:  wide variety of products, great prices, easy to use interface (24/7), free world wide shipping and unique SAFE PURCHASE Policy – of 100% money back, and free shipping in case of returns.

The world is constantly changing. The technology and the logistics world are continually evolving; hence the shopping online possibilities are rapidly entering new categories, mostly of traditionlly in shop sold items. What we see here is just the beginning. Regarding online sales – the sky is not the limit, it is space and beyond…

KPMG Research Details:

  • Source: KPMG: The truth about online consumers
  • Sample:  18,430 consumers in 51 different countries aged 15 to 70 who have made at least one online purchase in the past 12 months and are in the top 65% of income earners in country.

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