Is it possible to buy medical equipment online?

On our previous articles we have gone through the wonderful opportunities and advantages of shopping online. The world is changing, whether we like it or not. But are we ready to the transfer from offline to online in more traditional industries and markets like medical equipment? And if yes, then what are the requirements one should demand from web-stores and online sellers of medical equipment? In this article we will discuss the mandatory requirements from an online web-store of medical equipment, which make it a reliable option for conducting commerce of medical equipment:

1. Experience

The online seller should be an experienced medical equipment seller, with a vast experience in the offline world – selling advanced technological medical equipment for variety of specialties and representing internationally known agencies. Only an experienced offline seller will be able to provide the information and help required to conduct online sales of medical equipment

2. Less Variety and More Specialty – the demand for precision

A website providing too many types and models of medical equipment is just too confusing and complicated to use. Buying medical equipment is a serious process. You need to know and understand the equipment you are buying and if it is answering your professional demands. Too many models of the same item providing the same medical solution is time consuming and overwhelming to the client and may cause confusion and mistakes, ending in buying the wrong equipment or not the all required products to perform a certain medical procedure. The web-store should offer equipment per specialty, and the whole range of products required to perform common procedures in that specialty.

3. Vast Knowledge Base

The website should provide vast knowledge base – articles and all information required to make the right purchase decision such as troubleshoots, buying guides and all relevant data.

4. Quality Photography

All products sold should be photographed form multiple angles and in high resolution to showcase the equipment.

5. Transparency

The pricing of all products and what is exactly included with each product bought should be cleared. You should know exactly what you are buying and getting in advance.

6. Regulation

Medical equipment is all about regulation and certificates. All equipment bought should carry the right certificates: CE or FDA and ISO. Failure to carry the right certificate may put the buyer (and patient) in great hazard, as well as preventing the product from passing customs control

7. Shipping & Packaging

shipping & packaging of medical equipment are expensive and delicate issues. You should always prefer a web-store and online seller providing free shipping and packaging, as well as using a professional international logistics service, making sure your products will arrive in new condition, surviving the long rocky journey of shipping – whether it is by air, land or sea.

These are the special requirements for medical equipment web-stores. As all online stores, a good medical web-store should also follow all the common requirements of an online store:  variety of payment method, easy to use and reliable interface, and a good return policy.

A web-store that is following all the special and common requirements as described above is a good reliable source for buying medical equipment, one you can trust and enjoy all the great benefits of shopping online.


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