The Importance of transparency

Transparency – we all know that transparency is important in any business decision. Do we have all the data we need to make the decision to purchase? Can we trust the person in front of us? And what is trust? Are you being nice means I can trust you? Do you tell me anything I need to know before I will decide my next move? How can I know I can trust you and do business with you? People have been long asking themselves those questions.

It may seem that in our era, where we have intensive information flow and new data is constantly created, that transparency will be easier to achieve, and one will have all information required to have the right decision. But on the contrary – It seems that as more information is flowing, the less it it relevant for most key decisions, and that the relevant information is either hidden in this flow or simply not revealed, to the point that we need to have consultants to provide us the answers, while hoping they are not biased.All of the above is the traditional approach to transparency, as it is focused exclusively on the amount of information provided to the decision maker. Usually when you think transparency, you think of the revealing of prices and relevant information on the product. Which is off course very important and is the basic of any business decision. One must make sure that no only that there are no hidden info and all prices are revealed, but also that there are no hidden costs such as shipping cost or packing cost.

However, transparency is much more than just prices and product information. It is also:

1)Trust: What kind of trust policy do you provide in case I, as a client, am not satisfied by any reason from your product? Do you enable me to return the product without questions? Do you charge me restocking fee? And who pays the shipping back? We all know that shipping, especially international, can be expensive.

2)Simplicity: How simple it is for me to first get all the information I need to make my decision? How simple it is for me to order from you, and later on get my product as promised? In international trade that means – can you supply me all relevant certificates? Can you help me in my process of release from customs? And more than that – can you help me to avoid customs? How simple is it for me to return goods in case of regret?

3)Post-Sale: do you see me, the client, for the long run? How can you make me feel safe with my purchase after sale? What kind of service and warranty will you provide, as this is most relevant in large, heavy and/or sophisticated electrical equipment.

On my previous articles, I discussed the great reasons to shop online. One of them was transparency of prices and information. On Online Shopping you can get the relevant info you need to make a purchase decision (mainly price and product information). Not all online business will answer all other aspects of transparency.

At ALL2MD, we made sure all aspects of transparency are answered –

1)All info about a product is revealed on the website. We even emphasize for which size of activity the product is suitable (heavy loaded clinics or small clinics). We provide articles regarding troubleshoots and buying guides and expanding continuedly our data of information.

2)There are no hidden costs – shipping worldwide is free. No packing costs.

3)Our interface is simple and easy to use. We decided to have an exact and precise product range as we want it to be simple for you. As with an offline agent who show you only several products at each product category – so do we. In our webstores we didn’t put two similar products with just minor differences. We want it to be simple for you to decide and purchase, and yet to have all the products you need to operate your clinic.

4)Certificates – all of our products carry CE and/or FDA. We will do our best to provide you all certificates required to release from customs worldwide.

5)No customs for European clients – as we are inside the EU, you don’t have any customs to deal with at all!

6)We provide Full Cancelation Policy – you have 7 days to check your equipment after receipt. In case you regret your purchase – no questions asked. We will refund you 100% money back and pick the goods on our account! Meaning shipping back is also free.

7)Service – we have a vast warranty policy and service worldwide. We always look at you for the long run and as a return costumer.

Transparency is a mandatory aspect. It should be the golden standard for any business environment, especially in an intensive information flow era like ours. You should be entitled to all aspects of transparency as discussed above. Providing transparency in business is respecting you as a preferred client.

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