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Turn the old chair you have
into the unit you want.

Trade in your old unit and receive 20% sale on one of our dental units, no matter the condition of your chair. Save precious time and money, while we take care of your old chair.

Save up to €4400 on your new dental unit.

ALL2MD offers a trade-in option to exchange your old unit for a new one, no matter the condition of the chair. Choose the unit that suits you best and enjoy a 20% discount.

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Want to get rid of your old chair?
Don’t have time to find the right buyer?
Looking for a new unit for an honest price?

If your answer is yes, we have a solution for you!


Thinking alongside our professionals, while prioritising the wellbeing of our planet, we came up with a solution that everyone could profit from.

By choosing our trade in program, you won’t have to spend weeks to find a way to get rid of your old unit. Don’t let your old unit be in your way.

Saving time and preventing unnecessary trouble for our professionals is our main priority. So is saving our precious resources. With this trade in program, ALL2MD is finding new ways to recycle or reuse your old dental unit. By planning the pickup and delivery, we are saving on the fuel use and are reusing the packaging and transportation material. 

If you trade in your old unit with us, you will receive 20% on the dental unit of choice. We will schedule a pickup of your old unit and deliver the new unit with free installation service in case all necessary installation connections are in place.

Made in italy

Galbiati Scout

According to the definition of “Made in Italy”, GALBIATI develops a natural sense of beauty and accuracy.

A well-defined idea of “Italian life” which, therefore, becomes expression of elegance and quality.

That’s why in the modern consumer logic, buying a product labelled “Made in Italy” means to take part of the authentic “Italian life” which is gone with the final consumer purchasing behaviour.

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